Review of: The Accalia


The Accalia is the debut book by author H L Girton and I am glad I got the chance to read this. When you hear paranormal or shifter or any book containing werewolves the first that is its going to be a insta-love type thing because of some imprint or mating bond and with in 3 chapters max two strangers are in love and can’t keep their hands to themselves. This book however is so not the typical book about werewolves, in a great way. It was refreshing to read a new take on an over populated subject. This book has plenty of action, some suspense and romance in it. This is more of a coming of age or coming into your birthright story of a 18 year old girl, Genesis who suddenly thrown into a paranormal world that she new nothing about and has to deal with great lose, new found family, love for the first time and her birthright as the Accalia. I gave it for stars instead of 5 because I hate cliffhangers lol. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a different take on an old subject.

Review of: Ethan: NAC & The Holly Group (Alpha Team book 5)


First i must say I given this book with no promised in return and decided to post my honest opinion. This is a new author to me and Ethan was the first book I read by this author. Even though it is book 5 in the series I was able to follow the story line with no problem (can easily be read as a stand alone) with that being said I am going back and getting books 1 – 4 and reading them as soon as I can because this book was great from the first page to the very end. The story line is easy to believe (in a world if shifters existed). The characters are believable and easy to find your self rooting for them, yelling at them and getting angry for them. For a shifter book, I love the fact that this is not an insta-love story, even with the mating bond Ethan and Sophie fight their attraction for each other. Ethan is a true dominate alpha in every yummy since of the word and Sophie is strong and determined woman with a (submissive side in the bedroom). There is plenty of action, suspense, and some really hot and steamy scenes. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good shifter romance.

Review of: Pretty Reckless


I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. This is another 5 star great read by this author. The main characters Kat and Chase, are both addicts, one currently and one recovering. Both have a past full of heartache, pain and regrets. A chance meeting between the two leads to a friendship neither knew they needed. This is not an insta-love relationship, there are ups and downs, pain, sorrow as well as some good times and laughs that slowly builds into more. But can two broken people really find true love or will they find a way to sabotage it all? This book has all the feels and is a must read!

Review of: Desires Unleashed


I must say I won a copy of this book with no promises in return and offer my complete honest review. I heard people talk about this book and author and was excited to win a copy of this book and I was not disappointed. Hot, steamy, sexy just do not do justice to this book. This book is all of those words and more. This is the first time I have read a romance book from a mans point of view and I must say I really did enjoy the insight. The characters are believable and the story line is plausible making this book even better. The author takes you on a sensual ride from the first page to the last keeping wanting more and turning pages unable to stop reading. This is a must read.

Review of: Wicked


After finishing book 3 in this series I jumped right into this book and I am so glad I did! This book is all about Charlotte and Edward. We have seen them in the first 3 books but just briefly here and there so it was great to read about their past, how they became the couple that they are now and all the twists and issues they faced to get to this point. We also get more of Master Isaac and Kathy, Master Patrick, Master Derek and Deb as well. There are some interesting turns in this book and a couple wonderful surprises too. This series is a one click must read.

Review of: Deceit


Deceit is book three in the Nexus series and great hot read! This is Leo and Gina’s story. Leo and Gina have appeared in the first two books but this one we learn more about who they are and see them together, which is pantie melting hot! When the past comes calling things get tense and a little suspenseful which just adds to the story and helps make this book impossible to put down. We also get to know more about our favorite couples from the first two books and a couple surprises along the way. This whole series is a must read!

Review of: Bernie (Guardians in Love book 3)


This is book 3 in the Guardians In Love series, it can be read as a stand alone but this series is a spin off of author Brianna West other series Promiscus Guardians and to get the full effect of Bernie I recommend reading it as well. Bernie is a amazingly hot, funny and over all great read. Bernie is one of my favorite characters from this series and the authors other series, he is a self proclaimed cowboy who is naughty with a masochistic side and a heart of gold. This book is a one click must!!